Mechanical Engineer by Escola Politécnica USP (1971), MSc in Chemical Engineering (1981-Centrifugal Fluidized Bed Dryer) and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (1990- Energy in the Rayon Viscose process) by the same institution.
Currently acts as Industrial Consultant in the specialties: Thermal Processes, Energy Conservation, Industrial Ventilation, Industrial Drying, Evaporation, Filtration, Pumping Facilities, Steam Utilities and Solar Energy. Thermal Conversion for Industrial Processes. Collaborates with SISEA-EPUSP-Lab. of Alternative Energy Systems and teaches the discipline Solar Energy Fundamentals at the Alternative Energies Course PECE USP, where it also supervises students in monographs on applications of Solar Energy.
Frequently acts as referee for the periodicals: Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science; Chemical Engineering Science; Food and Bioproducts Processing. Provides coaching advice on industrial projects for engineers. In the period from March 2010 to March 2013 he wrote the column "Critical Point" of the magazine Chemistry and Derivatives.
He was a researcher at the IPT -Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas de SP (1973-1985) working in thermometry and flow measurements laboratories. He has collaborated in government programs for energy conservation in industry and the rational use of industrial fuel gas. He built and operated the IPT-solar energy laboratory and coordinated the projects and construction of solar energy use in multifamily housing and hospital.
He was a manager of Chemical Processes, Energy Conservation and Environmental Issues with Companhia Nitro Química Brasileira (1985-1990) working in the processes of Rayon Viscose, Sulfuric Acid, Fluoridric Acid, Nitrocellulose, Carbon Disulfide, Sodium Sulphate and Steam Utilities with Electric Power Generation.
He was Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at USP Polytechnic School (1990-2008) where he taught disciplines related to pumping, filtration, evaporation, drying, combustion and utilities. He was the professor of industrial drying in post-graduation courses. He advised seven students of MSc
He implemented and coordinated the Cooperative Courses of the USP Polytechnic School. He published his research papers in international journals, having twice received the Bambu Prize (Engineering and Maintenance Technical Section of ABTCP Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (2004 and 2005).
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