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Ph.D., Full Professor, São Paulo State University - UNESP
Executive Vice-Coordinator of  Institute of Bioenergy Research - IPBEN-UNESP (Head Office - Rio Claro Campus), Coordinator of Institute of Bioenergy Research and Head of Laboratory of Optmization of Energy Systems (Guaratinguetá Campus), 
Has experience in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Energy, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, acting on the following subjects: Renewable Energy, Bioenergy, Cogeneration, Thermoeconomic Analysis, Fuel Cell, Technical, Economic and Environmental Analysis of Power Systems. Information about the group: e
The current research topics can be divided in the following lines: 
-Line 1: Biofuel Production Processes (syngas, biogas, biohydrogen); 
-Line 2: Biomass Gasification technologies;
- Line 3: Technical, Economical and Environmental Analysis of Hybrid Systems using Renewable Energy Systems and bioenergy;
-Line 4: Technical, Economical and Environmental Analysis of Biofuel production. -Line 5: Use of Biofuel in Intenal Combustion Engine, Gas Turbine and Fuel Cell.